Incense guide

Table of contents 

A. About the smoking
B. Notes
C. Incense (examples and effect)
D. Smoking instructions
E. Cleansing & Ritual


A. About the smoking

Incense burning is a custom that originates from ancient cultures dating back almost 3,000 years BC. For example, resins, herbs and woods are lit and used for ritual and spiritual ceremonies. By burning incense, different states of mind are stimulated in us humans. Depending on the incense, this can mean that we are looking for relaxation during a ritual, want to recharge our energy, gain clarity or deepen a meditation or yoga session. The examples of use are complex and the range of incense is wide. It doesn't take much to burn incense and you can do it almost anywhere. Therefore, incense is something that can be used in many situations in life for support, even without being a guru. - Just try it out –


B. Notes

The contents, materials and packaging are not intended or suitable for consumption. Not a toy. The set is not suitable for children and for animals. Take care when handling hot and sharp surfaces, objects and materials. Use only in well-ventilated rooms. Ventilate rooms, areas and houses after use. Never leave the glowing, hot or burning material unattended. Glowing, hot or burning objects and materials must be extinguished or allowed to cool. Do not dispose of glowing, hot or burning objects or materials or throw them at living creatures etc. If smoke comes into contact with the eye, rinse it under cold running water to prevent irritation. Do not use the product if you have known allergies. Do not smoke materials. The effect, application and duration of the materials is individual, depending on the person and cannot be guaranteed. If allergic reactions or irritations occur, the use should be discontinued immediately and a doctor consulted if necessary.


C. Incense (examples and effect)

Note: These are examples or ideas of what incense can be used. The contents of the box may vary and differ from these examples or ideas. The effect of the incense cannot be guaranteed.



* The pleasant spicy aroma can help you let go and get your energy flowing again.

* Light directly and smoke on a bowl or let it burn with charcoal.


Chamomile flowers

* Can have a calming and relaxing effect.

* Light directly and burn on a bowl.


Lavender flowers

* Floral scent that has a calming effect and radiates lightness.

* Light directly and smoke on a bowl or with charcoal.


Maidal Nut

* Tart & earthy scent said to be calming and relaxing (perfect before sleep).

* Crush, e.g. place nut in a cloth and crush with rolling pin. Then smoke on charcoal or sieve.


Palo Santo Wood

* The scent is intensely sweet and aromatic and is said to dispel negative energy, deepen meditation and calm thoughts.

* Light directly and leave to burn on a bowl.


White Sage / Sage

* Strong fragrance, intended to purify and bless and to clear the consciousness.

* Light directly and leave to burn on a bowl.


D. Smoking instructions

Smoking on bowls or in vessels is suitable for larger pieces of incense or also bundles. Smoking on charcoal is suitable for smaller incense, herbs or resins.

Important: After smoking, ventilate the rooms or area or the home well.


On bowl (light directly)

  1. choose a firm base for the bowl for a stable stand. 2. light the incense with the help of a lighter, match or candle.
  2. light the incense with the help of a lighter, match or candle. When the incense burns and begins to smoke, it must be carefully blown out so that it only glows or smokes. This step may have to be repeated, as some incense does not remain green for long.
  3. You can now begin the purification or ritual by holding the incense in your hands or placing it directly on the bowl. In any case, make sure that you or others do not come into contact with the hot vials or objects at any time.


On charcoal

  1. take a fireproof bowl or vessel and make sure that it has a stable stand on a solid base - tip - fill the bowl or vessel with some sand to ensure a more stable support for the charcoal. In addition, your bowl or vessel will remain free of charcoal residues for longer.
  2. Light the charcoal with the help of a lighter, match or candle and let it glow through. - Tip - make sure that air gets to the coal so that it can glow through better.
  3. After the charcoal has glowed through, you can place the incense on the charcoal with the help of a spoon.
  4. The charcoal can burn for up to one hour. If necessary, you can place more incense on top of it.


E. Cleansing & Ritual

Before the cleansing or ritual, we recommend grounding yourself a little. This can be done through affirmation or meditation.


Affirmation (example)

Is the repeated positive evaluation of a situation, statement or action, thereby strengthening and affirming one's thoughts and attitude.

Ideas:  I alone decide where I want to go.  / I am strong and full of energy. / I will experience this day with calmness and serenity.  / I breathe in calm and breathe out fears. / I am grateful for my life.


Meditation (example)

Other meditations can also be done.

Instructions: Close your eyes.  / Take three deep breaths in and out / Be aware of your normal breath for 30 seconds.  / Be aware of your body for 30 seconds.  / Listen to the sounds for 30 seconds.  / Notice your normal breath for 30 seconds.  / Take three deep breaths in and out. / Slowly open your eyes.  / Now look at an object in front of you and notice every little thing about it. It will never look the same.


Purification "at home or in rooms"

The incense is lit at the entrance of the room. Then, walking clockwise, the smoke is distributed throughout the room. Even in hidden corners, such as under the bed or behind doors, the smoke should unfold. If you want the smoke to spread into several rooms or into your entire home, start with the first room and then go through each room. After the last room, return to the starting point. Now open all windows and doors for a moment and let the spent energies drift away.


Cleansing "I or other people"

After the incense has been lit, distribute the smoke starting at the feet by waving it a little. Gradually go up like this to the head. Make sure that there is always a safe distance between people and the smouldering incense. During this purification, your affirmation can also be repeated.